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Thomas Strategy Consulting Düsseldorf Thomas Strategy Consulting accompanies top executives to set up their high-performing organisation profitably to achieve their ambitious vision - without failing due to a lack of acceptance or performance slumps. We support our clients as implementation drivers with measurable results to ensure prompt implementation. This ensures a maximum return on investment for sustainable business success. Are you ready for the next transformation? Develop your company and yourself now. Thomas Strategy Consulting accompanies top executives to set up their high-performing organisation profitably to achieve their ambitious vision - without failing due to a lack of acceptance or performance slumps. This ensures a maximum return on investment for sustainable business success. Free Guides now
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From Your Vision to Successful
Strategy Execution in Four Steps


In the beginning, there is a vision.
Find out in a proven step-by-step process how to innovatively and profitably set up your business to achieve your growth targets.

High-Performance Organisation

Successful cooperation requires efficient structures. Improve your performance and efficiency through restructuring of your organisational structure and processes.

Profitable business processes

Work efficiency meets cost control. Find out how you can increase your profitability through efficient business processes without risking performance losses in your day-to-day business.

Success Factor Personality

Your personality makes the difference. In a joint dialogue, you gain new insights and perspectives in order to make challenging decisions. Profit from an independent sparring partner.

These Consulting Solutions Show How It's Done

In the service package
  • Strategic clarity of the business and competitive situation
  • Sharpening target vision and mission
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Development of a profitable business strategy
  • Translation of strategic fields of action into measures
  • Maximising return on investment (ROI)
In the service package
  • High labour productivity through an efficient organisation
  • Cost reduction through optimisation of the revenue model
  • Targeted use of resources by aligning the organisational structure
    with market needs
  • Management buy-in and commitment to implementation
  • Contribution to corporate culture by promoting a positive attitude towards a »performance culture«
  • Measurement of success using defined parameters
In the service package
  • Increased labour productivity through holistic process optimisation
  • Reduction of lead times and inventory
  • Maximising customer value and process quality
  • Increase of process performance through meaningful KPIs
  • Continuous improvement through the introduction of process
    managers and supervision in day-to-day business
In the service package
  • Personal sparring on issues critical to success
  • Change of perspective for the development of entrepreneurial
    options for action
  • Professional personal location determination
  • Reflection of your target vision in change processes
  • Effective preparation for leadership changes and new professional challenges

Individual demands require individual solutions.

Choose the topic that best suits you and your needs.
Selection of topics
  • Strategy development
  • Business process management
  • Sparring for entrepreneurs
  • Performance culture
  • Digital transformation
  • Profitable market positioning
  • Reorganisation
  • Entrepreneurial action

Your Benefit: Clearly Measurable
Results for Your Business

Maximum return on

You reach your goals faster and thus decide on the maximum return on investment. You invest in yourself and set the course for your business success by means of various cooperation options.


You increasingly differentiate yourself from your competitors through clear USPs, gaining additional market shares and profitably aligning your service portfolio to the needs of the market.

return on sales

You systematically increase your customer lifetime value and generate additional revenue with lower cost of sales. Your sales process is optimised for a high return on sales.


You benefit from a high-performance organisational structure and processes, improve the performance of your core processes and scale your business model as the basis for future growth.


In a proven step-by-step process, you will find out how to increase your company's profitability above average (compared to industry benchmarks) in order to achieve your efficiency goals.

Personal goal

You develop yourself further as an entrepreneurial personality, make the right business decisions and reach your personal goals more easily.

Invest now in your future to develop your business and yourself - with clearly measurable results for your business.
As a strategy consultant and sparring partner, we don't sell you patent remedies nor hours - we create added value. During the initial meeting, we clarify your current situation and determine the most important topics. After we have jointly determined goals, metrics and the results to be delivered, including added value, we would like to introduce you to various options for cooperation. Arrange a call now

You Have High Expectations of Your Work. Why Should You Deviate from This When Choosing Your Advisor?

Thomas Strategy Consulting Düsseldorf

»I am firmly convinced that entrepreneurial success is closely linked to one's own mindset. As an entrepreneurial personality, you are constantly developing yourself and your company. This requires to consciously examine the current situation and to make demanding decisions. In order to approach this process constructively, it is worth talking to an independent sparring partner.«

Alexander Thomas, Managing Director
Thomas Strategy Consulting Düsseldorf
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Thomas Strategy Consulting is an owner-managed management consultancy based in Düsseldorf/Germany. As strategy consultants, we support top executives in the transformation of their companies. We pass on our expertise from more than 350 client projects worldwide in consulting sessions, keynote speeches and limited master classes.

Value Proposition for Your Transformation

Highest quality and acceptance of our consulting services are a special concern for us. We focus on the objectives of your internal and external stakeholders in order to create acceptance for the results achieved. Following the motto »Turning those affected into participants«, we actively involve your management team in the concept development and the subsequent transformation process.
Thomas Strategy Consulting Düsseldorf

Success Needs Strong Partners -
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